Industrial Testing Options

In order to ensure the integrity of industrial installations such as cylinders, pipes and tanks, a number of pressure testing options are proposed. These options are interspersed with low pressure testing as well as high pressure testing. Among the industrial testing options being proposed are leak testing houston tx work, proof testing, burst testing, external pressure testing and what is known as autofrettage.

This is what the latter testing option may entail. The fatigue life of thick, strong and highly pressurized components can be improved by applying pressure high enough to yield the bore area. The process takes advantage of the stress variation that occurs across the wall of a thick cylinder. Such stresses are higher at the bore than on the outside.

The fatigue life of thick-walled, high strength, high-pressure components can often be substantially improved by an initial pressurization high enough to yield the bore area. This process takes advantage of the stress variation across the wall of a thick-walled cylinder: the stresses are much higher at the bore than at the outside.

Proof testing is nondestructive. It verifies that a component is able to withstand pressure slightly above the design or operating pressure without risk of permanent damage or leaking. Speaking of which, leak testing needs the part to be pressurized. This is done by immersing the part in water, pressurizing it with air, nitrogen or helium. And in this bath solution, the tester can keep an eye out for leaks.

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This leak test is simple and versatile to use. A step up would be to use helium with a mass spectrometer. This test, on the other hand, will be sensitive, but it provides a quantitative assessment for the potential for leakage. Finally, burst testing is a destructive test, going as far as measuring how a component is failing.