Roof Safety

When working on a roof you want to make sure that everyone is safe.  When hiring roofing services van nuys ca to fix damage or even replacing your roof you will want to make sure that they are safe and secure.  No one wants to get hurt.


When working on a roof you want to make sure that you have the right equipment.  You want to have boots or steal toed shoes on when walking on the roof.  Wearing sneakers, sandals and other footwear is not appropriate.

You will want to make sure that you have ladders.  These ladders should be positioned firmly on the ground and away from any power lines or hazards under or around them.  Keep them away from open doorways and walking paths. 


When working on the roof you will want and need power.  This will be used to power saws, drills and other equipment like nail guns.  When dealing with power make sure that all power tools are pointed away from people and cords are coiled up to prevent tripping over them. 

Power sources should come from portable battery units that can be taken up to the roof.  If power is needed from the location of the job site, make sure all cord are properly run away from traffic. We don’t need cords tripped over or pulled exposing equipment.


Make sure that all tools are properly stored.  If in use make sure no one is around that could get injured. 


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If and when an injury occurs make sure to take care of it immediately.  Do not wait until it gets worse.  Make sure that all injuries are reported to job supervisors no matter now minor.  When accidents happen they need to be handled the right way.  Failure to report an accident or to follow safety protocols can result in injuries, damaged property or even death.